Terms and conditions of sale

Orders, payments and deadlines

Any order will be considered as confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the instrument. This reservation deposit is recoverable at 25% of the total amount in case of withdrawal by the buyer.

The remaining 50% must be paid upon delivery of the instrument.

As an indication, the manufacturing and delivery times of my instruments are generally between 1 to 6 weeks. A more precise estimate will be defined at the time of the order.

The different methods of payment are described here

Customs taxes

If you live outside the European Union, customs taxes may be added to the receipt of your instrument. These taxes are variable. They depend on the carrier and the laws of your country.

I pay at each transaction taxes in France of about 20% for the development of France and French social rights. That’s why the external taxes are to be paid by the buyer because they participate to the economy of his country.

My prices do not include customs taxes. Thank you for your understanding

SHIPPING for SBD instruments

Shipping Worldwide is possible

Every instruments are sent in very (very) good conditions in hard box with protections.

International Shipping conditions

For an available instrument, delay is more than one week.
BUT customs authorities can stop package for unknown reason.
I do my best to reduce delay !

France Shipping conditions

For an available instrument, delay is 72h max.

Estimated shipping costs

Basically, I count the price of transport + 50 euros for my preparation and the material.

To estimate the price of a delivery, it depends on the transport companies, the destination, the weight, the price of your instrument for 100% loss coverage … The price changes a lot.

In general, a basic Sylent-oud costing 1100 euros with a 100% loss coverage for France costs 60 euros, 170 euros for Los Angeles USA, 250 euros for Saudi Arabia …

Please tell me your city and country to estimate the global price.


Warranty – 14 days
Your right to try out


We will analyze together the problem(s) noticed. I may ask you for videos or photos for a better understanding.

You benefit from a 14-day trial period, from the date of receipt of your order, by buying exclusively by internet, according to the commercial law in force in the EU articles. Please read.

To use the 14 days warranties, a product must be non-compliant. That is non-compliant when :
” You cannot use the product as usual ;
Or its functionalities do not correspond to the description given by the seller ;
Or the product does not have the qualities announced in the advertisements ;
Or the product does not have the characteristics you agreed with the seller or does not fit with the specific purpose that you are looking for and which you have communicated to the seller ;
Or you did not receive all the accessories or the installation instructions are incomplete or incomprehensible ;
Or the product has a manufacturing defect.
This guarantee therefore does not cover apparent defects, deterioration of the product due to abnormal use of the product or wear and tear of the product, except if it is explicitly stated in the characteristics of the product that it is indestructible, for example.
Nor can you claim a defect in one or more characteristics of the good if you knew at the time of purchase that they were not part of the conformity criteria of the good.
If you purchased your product after January 1, 2022, it is compliant if :
It corresponds to the description, type, quantity and quality, including functionality, compatibility, interoperability, or any other characteristic provided for in the contract ;
it corresponds to the special use you were looking for and that you specified to the seller ;
it is delivered with all accessories and installation instructions ;
it is supplied with updates ;
it corresponds to the quantity, quality and other characteristics, including durability, functionality, compatibility and safety, that the consumer can legitimately expect for products of the same type, referring to the nature of the good or to the seller’s statements, advertising or labelling …”

If we are in a non-compliant case,

You are responsible for the round trip expenses. Customs taxes as well.

Incomplete, worn, damaged or soiled products are charged or not accepted on critical cases. The item must be returned in its original packaging within 14 days.

All prior refund estimates are absolutely not contractual. I estimate and refund after checking the musical instrument. Some minor problems may be charged for repair in order to resell the instrument in the future in good conditions as Beta stock. Are chargeable for repair of scratches, cracks, electronic disconnection, dirt, missing parts …

Example :
You buy a Sylent-or 1500 dollars including the shipping price of 100 dollars. Following the study of the problem(s), you pay the return shipping costs. The instrument is received within 14 days with important scratches on the neck. I film the unpacking for proof. You are refunded:
1500 dollars initial price – 100 dollars shipping costs one way – 300 dollars repairs scratches varnish – bank charges taxes = 1100 dollars maximum (depending on bank charges).