You have a special wood project ? I have skills and machine

Machine used

ULTIMATEBEE 1015 CNC (see on right pics)
3 axes
2.2kw with water cooling
Maximum working area is :
1270 x 750 x 180 mm (50 x 29.5 x7.1 inches)
And many many steel tools for high precision …

Prototype, musical custom instrument, special product
Guitar, bass, ukulele, guembri, ouds … new instrument ?


Sometimes your instrument get some special new shapes hard to make with traditionnal handmade knowledge

That is why I offer you my skills and machining services.Trained as an industrial designer since 2020, I will accompany you in your project from A to Z  for an in-depth study of a new product.

Realizations by unit, small, medium quantities are ok


I am trained on FUSION 360. 


This professional tool software is designed for 3D design, drawing, 3D

animation and 3 to 5 axis machining


Customers usually provide drawings or 3D files (step, dxf, dwg …)
You don’t have any? I also offer a turnkey study. I will carry out the pre-study for you.

Some achievements in intrument making, housing, 3D design