Some artists playing SBD instruments

Several artists have chosen Sylvain Bouancheau Dugast’s instruments for their concerts, tours and recordings. Here are some of them:

Mohamed Abozekry

Mohamed has performed in many countries around the world such as Egypt, France, Tunis, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, United Emirates, Oman, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia…

He has also collaborated with many internationally renowned artists such as: Randy Weston, Billy Harper, Talib Kibwe, Alex Blake, Denis Pean, Ross Daly, Ezra, Minino Garay, Derya Turkan, Naseer Shamma, and Titi Robin.

Today, living between Paris, Lyon and Cairo, he works on several projects including “The Nile Project” with a tour in the United States and on film scores…

maki yann-noir et blanc sylent-oud

Yann Pittard

An oud player, guitarist and composer, Yann Pittard began learning music in 1992 in Brittany. He discovered improvisation at the Uzeste Musical Festival and performed at a very young age with Marc Perrone and André Minvielle. In 1998 he founded his first bands with whom he toured and recorded in the studio (winner of the Jazz à Vannes 2001 award).  He moved to Paris in 2000, studied at the CIMM, then went to India to discover the Baul tradition with the Bengali virtuoso Nimai chand Baul (singing and dotara)…

Shady Mo’nes Attia

Composer of music.
Born in Cairo in 1979…
Founder of eskendrilla ban and hekayat band
Has composed many songs for famous Egyptian singers
Composed soundtracks for the series Elfetewa
Gam3 salem series

Maelle coulange Sylent-oud

Maelle Coulange

A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, she discovered plucked stringed instruments at the age of 17, and studied traditional music from France and Ireland with Jean Banwarth in Grenoble. She met Henri Agnel in Provence, with whom she studied ancient and oriental modal music, rhythms and improvisation. Maëlle has played in various traditional and medieval music ensembles, or in creations such as the oriental tale SIRAAB in Paris. She plays alongside Maëlle Duchemin in the ISHTAR music group.

Selim Sami

Singer, guembri and folk guitar player, fusing several musical influences.
Doctoral student (PhD), at Université Côte d’Azur


Smadj, whose real name is Jean-Pierre Smadja, born in 1966 in Tunis, is a French musician of Tunisian origin1. He plays the oud in the group duOud, which he founded with Medhi Haddab, a former member of the Ekova trio. Smadj has collaborated with musicians such as Magic Malik, Stefano di Battista or Eric Truffaz on his latest album Selin. He also played with Ibrahim Maalouf. He studied at Louis Lumière. His first album was released in 1994. His artistic development has been characterized by the transformation of jazz into eclectic sounds or the other way around. But it was only in the 2000s that he became really known by the general public.

Aliya electric oud sylent oud sbd france

Aliya Cycon

Aliya Cycon was born and raised in America, but her music suggests otherwise. She sings in Arabic, Spanish and her native English, among other world languages and dialects, and accompanies herself with her beloved and signature Oud.

She has performed at the Nobel Business For Peace Awards in Oslo, and toured internationally as a “Cultural Ambassador” for the US State Department, performing in music festivals in Tunisia, giving workshops to Syrian refugees in Jordan, and composing the music for the national celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation. She regularly performs her original music and multi-cultural covers in the US and Spain, where she currently lives.

Her diverse discography includes the small-ensemble and traditionally-inspired “We Will Be Light” (2015) , the large orchestral album “Prayer” (2017) and an upbeat Mediterranean fusion EP called “Aliya and The New Andalus” (2019). Her latest single “Breath: Psalm 150” was recently released in May 2021.

nouamane-lahlou-Oud Sylent-oud

Nouamane Lahlou

He is one of the most popular singers in Morocco. Compared to others who took over the song scene long before him, he made a dazzling rise to fame after only a few years. But all this has a price and requires that we devote ourselves fully to the service of art.