Professional or just for fun ? Preamble

“Since April 2020, that is to say 2 years after the creation of my company, I have the joy to discover counterfeits of my work in all its forms.
Ouds in a crate and loutar in a pallet, everything is there! It is both distracting and infuriating to see that people want to make a business on the back of others. 
“I did it for me” … “I don’t sell them” … then the most honest ones ask me “do you allow me to…? (no because I live from it…) … ” How do you sound your ouds with?” (give me a bullet and a gun that I aim my foot) … and those who go as far as making fun of me on the web. Might as well have integrity!
So my tolerance stops where the leisure ends. Because as soon as these fakes become sources of income, wherever you are, I don’t consider you as a simple oud enthusiast, who wishes to work with wood… No ! You go directly on my red list and I keep a direct or indirect eye on you…. For sure you are not invisible on the web. My weekly watch is part of my job.
All my creations are registered at the INPI which protects my copyright. Sylent-oud, Oud moon, Loutar electrique … That’s why I’m filing a complaint with the French court of justice for counterfeiting. Today 3 procedures in progress …”
Sylvain BD – 03th March 2022

First my own instruments (patented)

I invite you to check my quality ouds, in details. Then to listen the sound, visit my channel youtube here

Be careful ! Monsters and company gallery (to avoid)

Thanks to many friends and musicians who respect my work, I found thoses kind things.
If you find others, please contact me. And be carrefull if you are interested, you can find many many comments on web about bad experiences with that material … Best regards