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For any order, you ll receive an invoice in your package or email PDF file.



Email-me for any questions, or call me by whatsapp 00*33*6*49*19*77*64, I will answer you as soon as possible!

Musically yours, Sylvain BD

Payment method

Swift Bank Transfer 

I send you an email link, you can pay in 4 times by credit card ! Contact me for all details 

Visit the website and create an account. Very easy.

Any other gateway?

Send me an email!

Estimated shipping costs

Basically, I count the price of transport + 50 euros for my preparation and the material.

To estimate the price of a delivery, it depends on the transport companies, the destination, the weight, the price of your instrument for 100% loss coverage … The price changes a lot.

In general, a basic Sylent-oud costing 1100 euros with a 100% loss coverage for France costs 60 euros, 170 euros for Los Angeles USA, 250 euros for Saudi Arabia …

Please tell me your city and country to estimate the global price.

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Order / informations

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