SBD oud models

”The electric oud is the starting point of all my reflections. Here are my models in brief. Please visit the description pages clicking learn more button  ”
–  Sylvain BD – 13/11/2023


The sylent-oud are the origin of my business creation. Designed to travel, these fully removable electric ouds have multiple versions. Flatback, Globe trotter, Classic wood … Customise your own ! The options and possibilities are numerous.

Created in June 2013
Patent on 2018-4968

Oud moon

This instrument is the fruit of many returns on electric oud. Although very different in design, it meets other needs for easy playing on stage or recording studio.

Created in December 2020
Patent on 2020-5854

Oud EZ

An electric oud with the traditional appearance of an oud.
Simple in appearance, it has very innovative sound and comfort settings…  To be discovered !

Created in June 2022
Patent on 2022-7222

Oud Bayati

Its aesthetic simplicity allows me to massively simplify the production time. The essentials of the electric oud for greater economic accessibility. 

Created in October 2023
Patent on 2023-6228

SBD cumbus oud

The instrument is an in-depth reflection to improve the comfort of the oud player on this new instrument. Can you play the oud? You also know how to play this instrument with its original sounds.

Created in July 2019
Patent on 6807-2019

Options - accessories

Most part of SBD ouds are customisable. Please visit this page and tell me your other ideas ! Many many things are possible

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