Sylent-Oud: the electric oud for travel

Sylent‑oud origin

” If you’re an oud player and have the opportunity to travel, you’ll quickly realize how difficult it is to move a large, sensitive acoustic instrument. After a trip in Turkey, I designed this musical instrument on a computer. Very compact, ergonomic and electrified, it meets the exact needs of a musician who wants to travel and explore the oud universe. ” – Sylvain BD

Basic features (red news)

– Dim (without hoops) : 710×354(130)x133(79) mm
– Weight: less than 1.8kg
– Tuning: CFAdgc (Arabic) or EABead (Turkish) or FADgcf (Arabic Iraq)
– Oud piezo microphone (Passiv or active preamp in option page)
– Strings Nylon (11 or 12 for 7 courses in option)
– Body Maple
– Fingerboard Ebony
– Scale : 585 mm (600 mm in option below)
– Nut : 40 mm
– black steel hoops or wood hoops (in option)
Sold with softcase and accessories (plectrum, winder ,screws …)


– Dimension: 800x300x100 mm (31.5x12x4 in)
– Easily becomes hand luggage in an aircraft

عود عربي Sylent-oud softcase عود كهربائي

Prices, order, delays, delivery

This professional quality musical instrument is patented by the INPI N°2018/4968). It is manufactured and adjusted by hand. 
Customization and modification of model is possible. it is sold with its transport with invoice. Prices are below. 
A 50% deposit is required for the order. Payment is possible via bank transfer, Western union, Paypal (+5%). Depending on availability and other ongoing projects, a manufacturing lead time of 6 weeks is expected. Make an order here.
International delivery with insurance costs from 60$ see conditions here.

How to buy a Sylent-oud SBD ? 
Wich are the Shipping and warranty conditions ?

Where are Sylent-oud shipped to?

International shipments of Sylent-oud or other SBD musical instruments are possible. All packages are under high warranty to avoid problems in case of loss. Each package is always tracked to the receiver. Below is the world map of destinations already done.

Wich are the Shipping and warranty conditions ?

The first portable electric oud

The sylent-oud is above all a musical instrument designed to travel. That’s why TRAVEL MODE KIT includes reverb and other effects to play alone or with other musicians in acoustic. The sound level is more powerful than a traditional oud.

Options for every Sylent-oud

Please go to to discover every options for Sylent-oud model below. Don’t hesitate to email me for any questions or custom request. 
Extra bow / wood hoops / Travel mode / removable head …

Below are some model ideas!


عود عربي Sylent-oud basic v3 profil عود كهربائي
$ 1250 (1100 Euros)
  • All Basic features
  • Symmetrical steel hoops
  • style Gotoh keys
  • Softcase
  • Accessories


عود عربي Silent oud electric oud SBD profil site عود كهربائي
$ 1450 (1280 Euros)
  • All "Basic" version options
  • Bank transfer or Paypal tax
  • Passiv Preamp volume tone
  • Pyramid Pro set strings for lute
  • Rosette islam

Globe trotter

عود عربي sylent-oud globe trotter v3 عود كهربائي
$ 1700 (1520 Euros)
  • All "Classic" version options
  • Travel mode kit
  • Short hoop (cutaway style)
  • Folding head

Flat back

عود عربي electric silent sylent oud flat back arabic turkish - left
$ 1700 (1520 Euros)
  • All "Classic" version options
  • Coaxials keys
  • Short hoop (cutaway style)
  • Folding head
  • Active Preamp 3 bands

Classic wood

عود عربي Sylent-oud v3 wood hoops profil عود كهربائي
$ 1700 (1520 Euros)
  • All "Basic" version options
  • Passive preamp volume tone
  • Rosace
  • Pegbox
  • Wooden hoops
  • Bank transfer and Paypal Taxes

Classic rowan

عود عربي sylent -oud classic rowan comp العود الكهربائي
$ 1750 (1540 Euros)
  • All "Basic"version options
  • ACTIVE preamp 3 bands see option page
  • Rosace
  • Pegbox
  • Wooden hoops
  • short wooden hoops
  • Bank transfer and paypal taxes


عود عربي Loutar sbd gravure عود كهربائي
  • 7 courses (1+1+2+2+2+2+2 strings)
  • 600 mm pitch
  • Wood for body (maple, walnut, cherr wood)
  • Wood fingerboard (dos santos rosewood, ebony, rosewood)
  • Fingerboard design (cut or symmetrical)
  • Pyrography customising
  • World wide shipping