Sylent-Oud: the electric oud for travel

Sylent‑oud origin

” If you’re an oud player and have the opportunity to travel, you’ll quickly realize how difficult it is to move a large, sensitive acoustic instrument. After a trip in Turkey, I designed this musical instrument on a computer. Very compact, ergonomic and electrified, it meets the exact needs of a musician who wants to travel and explore the oud universe. ” – Sylvain BD

Basic features

– Dim (without bows) : 710×354(130)x133(79) mm
– Weight: less than 2kg
– Tuning: CEAdgc (Arabic) or EABead (Turkish) or FADgcf (Arabic Iraq)
– Passive piezo microphone (Fishman Preamp in option page)
– Strings Nylon
– Body Mahogany
– Fingerboard Rio rosewood
– Scale : 585 mm (600 mm in option below)
– Nut : 40 mm
– Sold with softcase and accessories (plectrum, winder ,screws …)


– Dimension: 800x300x100 mm (31.5x12x4 in)
– Easily becomes hand luggage in an aircraft

Sylent-oud softcase

Sylent‑oud pricing

Until December 31, 2018, a Sylent-oud actually called “Reduced model”costed 1585 Dollars.

Process changed a lot respecting quality of result. It permits to reduce prices of 18% ! I hope improve again and again process in order to reduce price of Sylent-oud serie.

Thank you for your reading.


Sylent-oud electric basic model
$ 1300 (1150 Euros)
  • Basic features
  • Gotoh keys
  • Accessories
  • Softcase
  • Symmetrical hoops


Silent oud electric oud SBD profil site
$ 1550 (1385 Euros)
  • "Basic" version options
  • Passiv Preamp volume tone
  • Rosette islam
  • Pyramid set strings for lute
  • Bank transfer or Paypal tax

Globe trotter

20180707_185825 ter
$ 1830 (1635 Euros)
  • "Classic" version options
  • Travel mode kit
  • Short hoop (cutaway style)
  • Folding head

Fully equipped

$ 2350 (2100 Euros)
  • "Globe trotter" version options
  • Passive preamp
  • Added hoop (short or long)
  • Wireless kit


Rosette-pyrographie sylent-oud demo
  • 7 courses (1+1+2+2+2+2+2 strings)
  • 600 mm pitch
  • Wood for body (maple, walnut, cherr wood)
  • Wood fingerboard (dos santos rosewood, ebony, rosewood)
  • Fingerboard design (cut or symmetrical)
  • Pyrography customising
  • World wide shipping

The first portable electric oud

The sylent-oud is above all a musical instrument designed to travel. That’s why it includes a clever travel kit with reverb and other effects to play alone or with other musicians in acoustic. The sound level is more powerful than a traditional oud.