Sylvain Bouancheau Dugast

Musician for 20 years

Sylvain has been playing music for 20 years and is passionate about Mediterranean cultures. He has collaborated on numerous projects such as the Oud association in Nantes, Aime Québec, Human Music, the forum association Le Printemps méditerranéen…

With many concerts to his credit, he has organized several cultural events combining music, exhibitions, documentary screenings, concerts and music workshops.

عود عربي Sylvain Bouancheau Dugast Musicien luthier عود كهربائي
عود عربي Sylvain BD Luthier عود كهربائي


Today, he develops musical instruments with the greatest respect for the environment. For each custom instrument, he uses CAD software to prepare plans and templates for a high quality finish.

Musical training courses

He also organises professional training in Europe through his Music Access structure, in order to make distant cultures more accessible and to promote the benefits of cultural diversity.

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