Cumbus oud with high sustain

“I work a lot to mix the turkish Cümbüş and the classic oud in order to make an instrument with many advantages : comfort of playing, balanced instrument, high sustain, adjustable action, nylon set strings, steel keys for tuning, french wood, foldable and robust to travel … In my opinion, a perfectly adapted instrument for oud player “Sylvain BD

عود عربي small cumbus sbd head top عود كهربائي

A perfectly adapted instrument for oud player

Patented and protected model at INPI 6807-2019

Features of cumbus sbd

– Dim: 860x330x150mm (with hoops)
– Weight: 2.4 kg (2.2kg wood hoops model)
– Tuning : Irak / arabic / turkish
– Nylon oud set strings
– French Cherry tree neck
– Hoops 2 models  : wood or steel
– French rowan fingerboard
– Markers on handle 12 half tones
– Pitch : 585 or 600 (movable bridge)
– Head nut : 41 mm
– Oiled / waxed finish
– Sold with soft padded case

In transport

The Cümbüş SBD fits into a slightly wide and padded half classical guitar cover. It is provided with. (External dimensions 88x35x16cm)

عود عربي cumbus sbd soft case عود كهربائي
عود عربي arabic cumbus sbd - softcase small عود كهربائي

NEW Delux model

The Cümbüş delux SBD iw made with wooden bowl. 7 courses is option. Watch it below

cumbus delux sbd oud arabic acoustic luthiery france left

6 courses model

Cumbus sbd, with black steel hoops

Arabic Cumbus model, with wood hoops

7 courses model

The Cümbüş SBD can be played with 7 courses 
Play from C to high fa ! 12 strings : C F AA DD gg cc ff. watch it below

Differences between Cümbüş SBD & classical cumbus.

cumbus delux sbd oud arabic acoustic luthiery france - right

Cumbus SBD details

Tuning : arabic / Irak / Turkish
Pitch : 585 or 600 or 615 mm
Strings : 11 (or 12) Nylon oud set strings
Neck wood : Cherry tree french origin ( others in option)
Neck strongless : with 300mm carbon piece
Fingerboard wood : Rowan french origin ( others in option)
Finition : Oiled & waxed neck
Bowl :
cumbus body aluminium or wood (delux version)
: Natural (with adding plastic model in option)
Bridge nut : Rowan wood and bone,
with oud traditionnal strings distance (90mm)
Neck face : trapezoid-shaped like oud
Head nut :
Bone, 41 mm (like large oud or 7 courses)
Head size :
Keys : 12 high quality Deluxe FG306
Hoops: symmetrical, wood or steel
Gravity center : banlanced thanks to bows
Thumb confort : like oud (See bump on the back neck)
Markers : on handle 12 half tones (in option)

Classical cumbus details

X - Tuning : Turkish
X - Pitch : 585 mm
X - Strings : 11 steel strings cumbus set
X - Neck wood : horn beam
x - Neck Strongless : no carbon inside
X - Fingerboard wood : Formica
X -
Finition : varnish
V - Bowl : cumbus body aluminium
X - Skin : plastic
X - Bridge nut : wood,
short strings distance (80mm)
X - Neck face : almost straight
X - Head nut : plastic, 44 mm (like small guitar)
X - Head size : long
X - Keys : 12 basics on line
X - Hoops : none
X - Gravity center : unbalanced because heavy neck
X - Thumb confort : none
X - Markers : none

Prices, delays, delivery arabic cumbus

This professional quality musical instrument is patented by the INPI (6807-2019). It is manufactured and adjusted by hand. It requires an oiled and waxed finish for its durability. Without customization and modification of the model, it is sold with its transport bag at 1100 Euros (1200$), 1200 euros wood hoops model (1300$), 1300 euros wood hoops model 7 courses (1400$), with invoice. A 50% deposit is required for the order. Payment in 3 times possible via Paypal (+5% if you live outside EU). Depending on availability and other ongoing projects, a manufacturing lead time of 1 to 2 months is expected. Shipment in national or international parcels with insurance costs from 60$ : see conditions here.

How to buy a Cumbus SBD ? 
Wich are the Shipping and warranty conditions

Where are Cumbus shipped to?

International shipments of Sylent-oud or other SBD musical instruments are possible. All packages are under high warranty to avoid problems in case of loss. Each package is always tracked to the receiver. Below is the world map of destinations already done.

Wich are the Shipping and warranty conditions ?