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Electric Ouds &
Custom music instruments

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Orientalized luthiery

Sylvain Bouancheau Dugast has been playing music for 20 years and is passionate about Mediterranean cultures. It is after several trips to Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey… that he meets many oud luthiers, the starting point for a reflection between travel and traditional music.

Based in Rezé city, south of Nantes, he designs custom-made musical instruments in CAD to satisfy creative and travel-sensitive musicians. What is its objective? Make music more accessible.

The Oud

The oud is the starting point of the SBD workshop. Internationally recognized for its innovative designs, SBD has interpreted the traditional oud in many ways. Sylent-oud / Oud moon / Oud EZ … New sounds between innovation and aesthetics.

Custom instruments

We can hear the words: “The world of reality has its limits, the world of imagination has no borders”. Custom musical instruments are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Sylvain BD listens to your ideas to make them real and vibrant.


To each his own Sylent-oud! Depending on your habits and wishes, you will find here some relevant ideas to make the most of this original musical instrument. Travel mode kit, wireless kit, rose rose…


The local television station Télénantes came to film SBD to present its new musical instrument concepts. A first-hand account from a company founded less than a year ago….

Some artists playing SBD instruments

Many musicians play musical inbstruments made by Sylvain BD. Here others :