Oud EZ, easy to play for many (many) reasons

” After having made electric ouds with an original design, I offer you a third model of electric oud in a very traditional style. Any oud player can find all his usual references on this instrument.
Its dimensions, its pegbox with a recognizable shape, its removable rear arch for a classic oud player’s support in a seated position … give it an “easy” grip as if you had been playing it for a long time.
Some innovations and not the least!
1- The bridge is adjustable in height. A first on an electric oud! The action of the strings is adjustable in 2 turns of a screw (from 2 to 4mm at the fifth)
2- A micro adjustment to balance the dynamics of each string chorus.
3- Graphtech keys with semi-rapid ratio gears (1/6) to tune the strings both accurately and quickly.
4- Both simple and precise on sound, it also has a volume control for faster playing.

Sylvain BD (26/07/2022)

Electric silent oud maho arabic music player hetham deeb najarian - RIGHT~1

A unique bridge settings in the world

Patented and protected model at INPI 2022-7222

Features of Oud EZ

– Dim: 785 x 350 x 180 mm 
– Weight: 2 kg (with hoop)
– pitch 585mm
– Tuning :  Egyptian / Turkish / Saudi
– Volume control pot
– 6 courses (11 strings)
– Nylon oud set strings
– Neck Mahogany
– Body Mahogany
– Fingerboard Ebony
– Rear wooden hoop (in option – 150 euros price)
– Fingerboard Ebony
– Head nut : 39 mm
– Bridge adjustable in height (action from 2 to 4mm)
– Oiled / waxed finish
– Sold with soft padded case

In transport

The oud EZ fits into a slightly wide and padded half classical guitar cover. It is provided with.

Watch the Oud EZ

Options for Oud EZ

As Sylent-oud model, you can tell me special options to change details of Oud EZ . Check here some possibilities :

– Travel mode kit
– Engraving 
– custom rosace
– 6 or 7 courses
– special oud tuning
– with or without rear wooden hoop
– electric oud stand
– … Tell me !

Custom engraved or calligraphied

The Oud moon can be engraved or calligraphied on the soundboard, body, hoop. Send me your text or picture by email. 

Prices, delays, delivery

This professional quality musical instrument is patented by the INPI (2022-7222). It is manufactured and adjusted by hand. It requires an oiled and waxed finish for its durability.
A 50% deposit is required for the order. Depending on availability and other ongoing projects, a manufacturing lead time of 2 months is expected. Shipment in national or international parcels with insurance costs see conditions here.

Price please contact me by email contact@sbd-projets.com OR whatsapp 0033*649197764

How to buy an Oud EZ? 

Wich are the Shipping and warranty conditions

Where are Oud EZ shipped to?

International shipments of Oud EZ or other SBD musical instruments are possible. All packages are under high warranty to avoid problems in case of loss. Each package is always tracked to the receiver. Below is the world map of destinations already done.

Wich are the Shipping and warranty conditions ?